Discovering my Home Country | Nürnberg

Erstes Wochenende zu Hause = mit meiner lieben Freundin Mascha Nürnberg besuchen.

Nachdem ich ein Stückchen mehr in der Welt herumgekommen war, reizte es mich nun auch mehr, Länder und Städte etwas näher zu Hamburg zu erkunden. Es gibt noch viele Orte in Europa, ja selbst in Deutschland, die ich noch nicht gesehen habe. Man übersieht viel zu schnell die schönen Dinge in seiner Nähe. Nürnberg war der erste Schritt.

First weekend home = visiting Nürnberg with my dear friend Mascha.

After I had traveled the world a bit I got quite excited to discover countries and cities a bit closer to Hamburg. There are still a lot places in Europe and even in Germany which I haven’t been to yet. You tend to overlook the beautiful things close to you way to far. Nürnberg was the first step.

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Happy New Year!

A very special year for me just ended in Germany. I have a couple more hours left in Hawaii to say Good Bye to 2013.

Looking back I can definitely call myself incredibly lucky for all the experiences I was able to make this year. I finished High School, got to play Charity, turned 18 years old, had a blast at Hurricane Festival, went to Paris, Florence and now I’m finally here, in Hawaii. And on top of that I found a new passion in Martial Arts and a wonderful family at ambition. What a year! I can’t believe time is running so fast.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported, encouraged and inspired me. This goes especially to my friends and family who are there for me all the time, My ambition for giving me the great opportunity to work, improve and learn a lot about myself in so many different ways, MAC Ohana for welcoming me so warmly and letting me feel a bit like home, Dieter for everything he has done to help me during my stay in Hawaii, and all the wonderful people I got friends with during my trip and who are making it so memorable.

All the best for 2014 to all of you – may your new year be full of happiness, inspiration and sunshine!